Caunton is a parish in the Newark and Sherwood District of Nottinghamshire, about 6 miles north-west of Newark, just off the A616.  The village stands where the ancient road from the “north well” (Norwell) to Southwell crosses the significant little river whose only name is “The Beck”.

The village is a cluster of houses in typical Nottinghamshire red brick, with a fine stone church in a picturesque riverside setting.  There are two pubs serving meals.  Residents are proud of the attractive 1930’s brick bus shelter and the many ducks who seem to have right of way on the roads and have been known to attend church services.

The parish covers 1254 hectares (nearly 5 square miles) and had a population of 483 in the 2011 census.  It is served by a parish council of seven elected members and a clerk.  The modern primary school building also serves as a community centre for the numerous organised activities run by village groups.

There is a weather resilience plan which you can view here

Caunton weather resilience plan 2017