Photo - bus shelter


The land and buildings belonging to the parish council is as follows:

  • Agricultural land at Murphy Moor, Caunton
  • Lease of playing field, Caunton
  • Bus shelter, Main Street, Caunton
  • War memorial, St Andrew’s Church, Caunton


Our annual accounts may be accessed below. Please see the notice of public right to inspect the accounts for details of how to arrange an inspection.


Accounts for 2014-2015


2016 Notice of Completion of Audit

2015-16 External Auditor’s Certificate

2015-16 External Auditor’s Report to Accompany Certificate

2015-16 Annual governance statement

2015-16 Statement of accounts

2016 Accounts Declaration (2015-16 statement of accounts is unaudited and subject to change)

2016 – Notice – Exercise of public right to inspect accounts (Inspection period 7 June 2016 – 18 July 2016 inclusive)

2015-16 items of expenditure over £100


2016-17 Notice of conclusion of audit

2016-17 External auditor’s report

2016-17 Internal auditor’s report

2017 Approved annual governance statement and accounting statements

2017 Notice of commencement of public right to inspect (Inspection period 30 June 2017 – 10 August 2017 inclusive)

2017 Accounts declaration (2016-17 statement of accounts is unaudited and subject to change)

2016-17 CIL statement